Educate every child, to a very high level, in every classroom, every day.

PBIS is for Life and Learning

PBIS ‐ Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

Before children can learn, they need to understand how to focus, respond, and react. PBIS places behavior on the same level as academics to be taught, moudled, evaluated, and celebrated.

Why is this Important?

We can no longer assume that children understand appropriate social behavior. Appropriate behavior must be taught, just like academics, starting day one. If a child cannot focus, they cannot learn. Just like a core academic program, School‐wide PBIS is most effective through clearly defined outcome expectations, consistency in terminology, valid and reliable data that drive decisions, and a high degree of program implementation fidelity.

Key Questions

Do I have total commitment from the leadership team?

What is the staffs’ readiness for a school wide PBIS program?

How will the planning committee meet to develop and effective SW‐PBIS program?

How will this program be funded from supplies, resources, and staff?

How will the committee function to build and maintain enthusiasm?

Next Steps

  • Select team to complete PBIS training with IU liaison August – November 2017
  • Tier I committee will identify 3‐5 explicit positive universal behaviors for the school.
  • Develop a matrix describing each behavior looks like in each area of the building.
  • Develop lesson plans to teaching and modeling of behavior for students and staff.
  • Educate all building and support staff on matrix, behaviors, and program.
  • Rollout Phase I in Winter 2018.
  • Utilize available resources to design, execute, and monitor school wide program like PBISApps and
  • Plan and execute subsequent phases to expand program from common areas to classroom level.