Educate every child, to a very high level, in every classroom, every day.

Targeted Training

Learner Focused – Teacher Focused

Every educator wants to provide the best education for children. Professional training must focus on what the teacher needs to fuel their passion, to expand their knowledge, to excite students about learning.

Why is this Important?

There is no perfect model for professional training. Educators are learners, and learning is personal. At times, there is a need for direct, large‐group instruction, but this type of training is not ideal and rarely results in meaningful change. Training for teachers must be designed to meet the needs of the educator and the goals of the program. Just as with students, teachers learn best through opportunities to see, do, and experience.

Key Questions

Are we providing routine opportunities for exploratory topic discussions with teachers?

Is there a bank of resources for me to explore possible trainings or see other programs?

Do I know how to request specialized training or release time for a site visit?

Is there a feedback process built into every training to share the information with others.

Next Steps

  • For teachers, the leadership team needs to establish a routine schedule for exploratory discussions on emerging topics, and special interests areas such as: lunch‐and‐learns, breakfast‐bites, purpose‐driven teams, etc.
  • Training should emerge from teacher interest, individual student needs, and district‐targeted growth goals.
  • The district must be prepared to support teacher growth as necessary through dedicated funding, release time, and network groups.
  • Reflective observations of other school programs, individual teachers, or community partners is essential to professional learning. These activities need to be supported and encouraged by the district.