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Learning Amplifiers

Resources Matter

The tools available to students can significantly amplify the power of teaching and the depth of learning by engaging students. engaged students persist longer and try harder. resource options in the hands of students, provides opportunities for choice and risk.


Why is this Important?

This is not about a digital generation or a district‐wide technology initiative. Learning begins with great teaching, and the right tools in the hands of students will amply learning. There are clear benefits and practical applications to putting modern learning tools in the hands of students to support the vision of learning everywhere, and all the time. Although tablets and laptops certainly do this, so to do innovative learning spaces, interactive white boards, coding, and maker spaces.

Key Questions

How will an advisory committee best support meaningful growth in this area for students?

What resources do we currently have and where are the greatest opportunities for growth tomorrow?

How can we build internal capacity to support a climate which embraces risk with innovative learning resources?

Next Steps

  • Working with an advisory committee, the Director of Innovative Learning must identify existing opportunities and areas for growth to incorporate learning amplifiers into the instructional program.
  • The district needs to encourage and supply targeted training for teachers on how to effectively incorporate innovative resources and flexible spaces into learning objectives and beyond classroom walls.
  • Teachers need to continue to look for opportunities to better incorporate diverse resources that engage, excite, and extend deeper learning and C3 skills for each student.
  • The district needs to commit training and facility changes to support innovative use of learning amplifiers.