Educate every child, to a very high level, in every classroom, every day.

Highest Quality Instruction

Our Very Best, Every Day

The research is clear. more than any other factor inside the control of the school, the quality of instruction will determine how much students learn and their long‐term commitment to learning.


Why is this Important?

Although many factors impact student learning, the quality of instruction is two to three times more effective than any other school variable including facilities, services, and leadership. Although quality instruction can take many forms, there are specific approaches that have a greater effect on student learning and engagement. Keeping learners at the center of our approach to instruction, every teacher must ensure they are using the most effective instructional strategies every day.

Key Questions

Do I know which strategies are more effective with different tasks or students?

Is professional development needed to support teachers in incorporating these strategies as routine in student learning tasks?

What type of feedback do teachers and school leaders need to support learning through high impact instruction?

Next Steps

  • The Essential Elements of Instruction are minimal expectations that provide a framework for high quality instructional techniques.
  • The passion of the teacher to engage students will determine the effectiveness of any strategy. The leadership team must seize opportunities to fuel the passion of teachers to maximize their impact on student learning.
  • The leadership team needs to provide clear direction and targeted supports for all staff to design and deliver the highest quality, learner‐focused instruction.
  • Working directly with teachers, the leadership team needs to create a constructive feedback process that effectively communicates strengths and needs to teachers, and the actionable data for the leadership team.