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Encourage Risk

Risk Creates Opportunities to Excel

Failure is an option, as is success. risk is the courage to try and be willing to learn from either outcome. Students, teachers, and district leaders need the freedom to take risks with novel ideas in the pursuit of deeper learning.


Why is this Important?

If students and teachers robotically follow a prescribed regimented program, they fail to develop essential skills that ultimately drive learning. Students and teachers need clearly defined, rigorous, and relevant outcome expectations, and the freedom inside those expectations to make the detailed decisions. School leaders need to build and support an atmosphere where risk is encouraged as a critical learning opportunity.

Key Questions

Does my course have clearly defined learning goals understood by all students?

Do I have sufficient training and resources to support a culture of risk in my school /classroom?

How will I support students / teachers / school leaders in taking risks to improve learning?

Next Steps

  • For risk to be productive as a growth tool, the beginning and end points of learning need to be clear. For risk to be safe, students and teachers need to be encouraged to experiment with novel ideas and make adjustments based on collected and observed data.
  • Through the Director of Innovative Learning, the district needs to provide professional training on risk‐supporting techniques for teachers and school leaders.
  • Teachers and schools need to recognize the value of a risk‐based culture of teaching and learning by providing flexibility and resources.
  • Monitoring the benefits of risk should follow, not precede, the decision to experiment with a non‐traditional or novel idea.