Educate every child, to a very high level, in every classroom, every day.

C3 is Beyond Academics

C3 is Community, College, and Career

Academic skills are never enough. schools exist to prepare children to be contributors to their community, to be prepared for collegiate learning, and to find success in a career of their choosing.


Why is this Important?

Classroom‐based learning alone is insufficient. Students must be able to use that knowledge in difficult and in novel ways. Students must be encouraged to take risks with their learning and taught to think critically through real world problems. The total school culture must encourage the development of every child as an active contributor to their community and prepare them to be successful in college and career.

Key Questions

Does my current instructional approach include C3 skills?

Has my team defined appropriate C3 learning goals for each student?

Does the school actively support learning everywhere with modern tools, open access to information, and innovative learning spaces?

Are their models that can help me develop more effective learning tasks for students to target C3 skills?

Next Steps

  • Each school building must define age‐appropriate C3 goals for students that target application of learning. These goals must be consistent with current workforce and college readiness expectations.
  • Cross curricular teams need to explore ideas that provide opportunities for students to become active contributors to their communities as part of the broader school process.
  • Beyond the core curriculum, teams of teachers need to communicate how these skills can be encouraged and supported in the classroom every day.
  • Beyond the bell schedule and classroom walls, building leadership needs to expand the concept of “learning space” to include learning everywhere all the time to support the fluid exchange of information and encourage students to learn freely across disciplines.
  • Teachers should consider how maps like Daggette’s Rigor and Relevancy Framework, Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, or Bloom’s Taxonomy, can assist in the construction of relevant learning tasks that incorporate C3 learning goals.